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Searching for commercial space doesn’t have to be complicated, it can even be fun. We do this by:

  1. only working for the tenant, so all advice is given in your best interest and
  2. we specialize in Ottawa only and have the inside track on what is available or about to be.
  3. Our service and advice for tenants is free, the fees are covered by the landlord.

We invest the time in really getting to know your needs, price and goals. Whether your move is driven by employee retention, a reduction in operating costs, increased productivity, a green and sustainable workplace or expansion/rightsizing we have you covered. This process sounds obvious, but when a commercial space deal falls through and the client engages us, it is always because they don’t feel heard.

Site visits are always accompanied by a space planning and IT expert and a broker, who all work in tandem to find you the best space. One team member also has secret clearance, having worked on secure data centres for the federal government, so you are in good hands.

Whether it is a lease renegotiation, office relocation, or new space, simply fill in the enquiry form and we’ll get back to you within a day.

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◈ The Team ◈

Awbar Myint

Awbar Myint


Awbar has over 20 years of experience in real estate and project management. A well-seasoned investor, he has owned and managed an international portfolio of residential properties, as well as executed numerous commercial real estate fit-up projects. He has also successfully completed a number of residential infill construction projects. Prior to co-founding Ottawa Commercial Space, Awbar was a partner in a commercial real estate brokerage, managing relocations for large, high-profile clients that required a significant amount of discretion through to a variety of start-ups and family businesses.

In his earlier professional career as an Operations Director for a leading international defence engineering company, he set up and managed many large office and warehouse facilities across Canada. This included all physical sites as well as the secure IT network infrastructure. Awbar has successfully delivered complex, critical projects with multi-million dollar budgets and holds a current PWGSC Secret security clearance.


T: 613 292 9831

Matthew Firestone

Matthew Firestone

Principal, Project Management

Matthew specializes in helping businesses of all sizes meet their real estate requirements. Over the last ten years he has worked in all areas of the real estate market including residential sales and leasing, commercial sales and leasing (predominantly in the industrial sector) and most recently commercial real estate development and redevelopment.

Clients Matthew has helped acquire commercial locations vary from large commercial developers Minto, Claridge and Richcraft Homes and a variety of other business including Interstate Batteries, Karson Group, Don Cherries Sports Bar and The Aquatopia Conservatory and Wedding Centre.

Personal pursuits include the construction of small residential houses, commercial buildings and a retail garden centre and warehouse space. Matthew has also volunteered for local entrepreneur driven not-for-profits Kristi Lake Camp for Kids and Exploriem.org.

Alana Kennedy

Alana Kennedy

Director, Client Relationships

Alana has a strong network of commercial landlords to ensure we know about upcoming vacancies across Ottawa in real-time. With over 15 years of experience in marketing and business development she is also a valuable resource for companies undergoing a re-brand, launch or acquisition as part of their commercial space search.




Office Manager/Chief Pug

Gaston is responsible for keeping the team’s feet warm and providing amusement to well, everyone. We are pretty sure our last two projects were just because people wanted to meet ‘Mr Personality.’



Fill in the enquiry form and we will be in touch within one day.

If you like what you hear when we call you, we will meet and formalize your current needs and how we work together. All fees are paid by the landlord, so our service/advice is free for you.

Our broker and space planner present you with options and arrange accompanied site visits. Once you find the right space we work on your behalf to get you the optimum terms. We only represent tenants so you are our priority.

Once the lease or purchase is finalized we can work with you to plan and move you into your new space, recommend vendors, or anything else you need to make the move as soon as possible. Whilst not forgetting the celebratory beer/wine or coffee of course!


47 Rosebery, Ottawa, K1S 1W1


T: 613 292 9831

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